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So what’s RIP all about?

Opening yourself up to a whole new world can leave you vulnerable — but it’s the only way to grow. Rip Cooper, 24, may be a successful freelance photographer making a name for himself in a new town, but personally, he’s in a rut. No friends, no goals, no greater purpose. He’s going through the motions…until the “angel” Serissa informs him that he’s “one of the Seven.” That’s the starting point of RIP, a series of e-novelettes that blends drama, humor, action, and the paranormal.

At any given time, seven individuals throughout the world are gifted with the capacity for extraordinary perception. They can see, hear, touch, smell, and even taste ghosts. The flip side is: Ghosts can do the same to them.

Most people who die go either to Heaven or Hell, depending on how they lived their lives. But some are on the fence. These people linger around the Earth as invisible, inaudible, intangible ghosts, and each one has a choice to make — become a better person and earn a place in Heaven, or give up and settle on Hell. The former are considered angels, and the latter tend to become demonic. It is, however, possible for a ghost to shift back and forth before finally being summoned to either place. Continue reading

The Night of the Pink Sweater

Rules sometimes lead to ridiculousness—like that time I visited a Williamsburg nightclub.

Yes, I was also surprised to learn that “Williamsburg nightclub” was not an oxymoron, but that wasn’t the most ridiculous thing that night.

This was back in 2005. My time at the College of William & Mary was nearing its end. Classes were over. I completed all my exams. I was free and directionless.

One night, a friend invited me to join her and couple of others at this nightclub. Clubs have never been my thing, but I figured a change of pace wouldn’t hurt.

So three young women and I journeyed to the non-colonial part of Williamsburg and arrived at the nightclub, only to encounter…a bouncer. (You can be gainfully employed in Williamsburg, Va. as a bouncer. Who knew?)

The bouncer politely informed me that my attire did not adhere to the club’s dress code. I was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Apparently, I was supposed to wear either a collared shirt or a sweater. Continue reading

Meet Amena, the whimsical realist

Presenting…the lead character of the Earths in Space series…Amena Wharry!

Amena has one true love: exploration.

She just wants to find something amazing…and then something else amazing…and something else…

Okay, so she really wants to find everything that’s amazing. Best way to do that? Find everything. After all, how could you possibly assess a thing’s amazingness if you’ve never once come across it?

Amena, a 29-year-old whimsical realist, leads an elite team of space travelers. The official mission is to scope out these alien planets and make sure none pose a threat to the Earth.

It turns out they’re all Earths, so they only meet aliens in the foreign sense, which sure is disappointing. A whole gigantic universe, and only one sentient species? It couldn’t muster any more variety than that? What’s the universe’s problem? Continue reading

Earths in Space: The Theme

In Earths in Space, there are no aliens, but the universe is full of people. Other Earths are out there. Unique individuals populate each one, and they make unique decisions, leading to unique civilizations.

A team of explorers seeks to travel to as many Earths as possible, and adventurous science fiction fun ensues. (Much more fiction than science, I admit. I seem to have left my Ph.D. in a previous life.)

Okay, so underneath all that, what’s it really about?

It reflects the learning process to some extent.

For example, as you grew from a small child to an older child, you probably realized that Big Bird is actually a guy in a costume. (Sorry if I’ve ruined anything for you.) Continue reading