Title announcements!

The first RIP novelette, “Touch,” has been out for a few weeks. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, feel free to go ahead and do that now.

I’m working on the next four installments. Those episodes will be titled…(imaginary drum roll)…

“Alone,” “Strength,” “The Crazy Line,” and “Point B.”

My original plan was to release each one individually for $0.99 apiece. Instead, I’ll compile them — along with the first book — into a single volume for $2.99. So, that’ll be a better value for all involved and should facilitate a more indulgent reading experience.

The already-released first book is sort of like my kickstarter program. Maybe it will help me with production costs, but it will at least serve as a low-priced sample for now. Check it out. See if you like it. Let me know what you think, please.

I’ll set a release date when I’m much further along, but the process will likely take several months. I’ll share some work-in-progress excerpts on my Facebook page from time to time.

Once that’s out, my attention will return to Earths in Space for a while.

Hooray for industriousness. Thanks for your attention.