Get to Know…Sascha Illyvich

This week, we get to know paranormal romance author Sascha Illyvich. (That would be adult romance. Kids, sit this one out.) Welcome, Sascha!

Tell us about your latest works.

My latest work is actually my paranormal erotic collection “Dark Sensualities and Primal Instincts” out from Sizzler Editions.  The two short stories are gay/lesbian, the two novellas are vamp/wolf.  In Dark Traders, I played “what if the Securities and Exchanges Commission were run by vampires and scamming all the people of the world to make a huge profit?”  Miranda, an employee at the SEC is targeted by Jet, rogue hitman and vampire.  Only, he doesn’t kill her, he converts her.  A year later, she comes after him and vows vengeance on the people who turned her only to find her heart in the man who gave her new life. Continue reading

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Get to Know…Melissa Bowersock

e-mjb2-24-13For this week’s “Get to Know…,” we have Melissa Bowersock, a hypnotherapist who’s written fiction and non-fiction. How’s that for versatile? Welcome, Melissa!

Tell us about your most recent book.

My latest book, Marcia Gates: Angel of Bataan, is a complete departure from my usual. I’m a novelist by trade, so when this true story grabbed me by the throat, I was totally surprised. I had never expected to write non-fiction, but this was one story I had to tell.  Continue reading

Gravity still works

I once jumped out of an airplane. That was memorable.high in sky

I stuck my head outside a rickety old plane nearly 14,000 feet above the ground, looked straight down, and pushed myself out. And I fell.

Sir Isaac Newton was correct about that whole gravity thing after all.

My sisters had the idea to go skydiving at a facility in West Point several years ago. I decided to tag along. Why not? It was only dangerous. We only had to sign a million or so forms promising not to sue if we died. That seemed manageable, so we signed. Continue reading

Get to Know…E.C. Adams

VampireCode_ECAdams_FINALParanormal fantasy author E.C. Adams joins us for this week’s “Get to Know…” This is also her cover reveal day, so…look! New cover! Welcome, E.C.!

Tell us about your book.

“The Vampire Code” is a New Adult Urban Fantasy Romance novel about a human lawyer who is hired to defend a vampire wrongly accused of murdering a human in a world where vampires are a social minority fighting for more legal rights. In the process, she of course gets into a ton of trouble and falls in love with the accused’s brother, another member of the leading vampire family of New York, the Fiscards. Continue reading

“Blaming Beckett”

Today is the birthday of the late playwright, Sam Beckett. So, it seems like a good time to share my short Beckett parody play, “Blaming Beckett.” This was created as a writing exercise and is intended to be just for fun.

Language warning: It’s rare that I use profanity, but I do here. Kiddies, please skip this post.

Copyright 2004 Daniel R. Sherrier. You can share this link. Otherwise, do not reproduce without my permission.

“Blaming Beckett”

By Daniel Sherrier


A, B, C

(The stage is bathed in pink lights.  A is standing in a garbage can with one arm raised in the air.  B is upside-down in another garbage can with legs hanging up in the air, creating a “V” at an angle of 45-degrees.  C stands off to the side, perfectly still, with a bag over his face.  A should be facing C, and a distance of 3.7 meters should separate the two, and at no time should A look at anything other than C.  The distance between A and B should be 0.2 meters.  A’s arm and B’s legs are not to move at all except where noted.  A tree branch containing two leaves and of 1.2 meters in length should be placed 0.3534 meters in front of B’s garbage can.  The garbage cans should be gray in color and not exceed 1.03 meters in height, nor should they exceed 1.97 meters in circumference.  C is not to breathe.  Failure to comply with these stage directions shall result in criminal prosecution.) Continue reading

Get to Know…Susana H. Case

This week’s Get to Know features poet Susana H. Case. Welcome, Susana!

Cover-ElvisTell us about your latest work.

First, thank you, Daniel, for profiling me on your website. This type of opportunity is probably one of the few ways that someone WANTS to be profiled. Elvis Presley’s Hips & Mick Jagger’s Lips is a book of poems inspired by classic rock and roll. There are poems about the origins of rock and the music business, but also about substance abuse and, of course, sex. Where would rock and roll be without sex? Or maybe the question should be: where would sex be without rock and roll?

Where did the idea come from? Why focus on rock music?

I grew up with rock music and so when I think about my own life, there’s a soundtrack to every event. I think that’s true of many people — so, the music is a way to connect with other people’s  experiences. Continue reading

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Get to Know…C.M. Wright

This week’s Get to Know features zombie author C.M. Wright. Welcome, C.M.!

bookcoverfour2Tell us about your latest work.

I’m just about to release the fourth book in my Zombie Overload Series. This series is about a 36 year old mom and wife who has to become strong and brave – two things she believes she’s not – to protect her family from a world of zombies.

Why do you feel this concept can fill an entire series?

Zombies are popular right now, so that’s one thing. Another is that this series isn’t about a man or a young physically fit woman having to survive and protect; it’s about a woman in her mid-thirties who’s a bit overweight and not at all fit, so it’s different and that seems to attract some people.  Continue reading