Amena’s Imagination, #1

Welcome to the Amena’s Imagination, a weekly website-only series serving as a prequel to Earths inEIS1 Space.

Follow Amena Wharry’s insomniac mental ramblings on the night before the crew begins exploring other planets. Future installments will be posted at every Thursday.

This is flash fiction — just quick, brief, stream-of-consciousness writing to help lubricate everyone’s imagination, myself included.

And now we turn things over to Amena herself…

Amena’s Imagination

So tomorrow I’m going to do this thing, just a little thing I like to call exploring alien planets.

Yeah. Alien. That’s something, isn’t it? Of course, when I go there, they won’t really be alien, not to themselves, not to their world. I’ll be the alien.

I’m going to be an alien! Always wanted to be an alien. And I don’t mean transforming into some other lifeform. Well, it would depend on the type of alien, and I’m sure there are many lovely aliens worth stepping into their shoes, or whatever they have, for a few minutes or so. But to be myself as an alien—yes. We should all be aliens once in a while. Keep things fresh.

Whit’s got this whole map of planets he’s convinced have life on them. Thing is, we can’t be absolutely certain what kind of life, not until we actually go there.

Could be anything out there, anybody. And I’m going to meet them!

There’s no way I’m getting any sleep, not tonight, so there’s only one thing to do.

Speculate endlessly. Or at least until the morning. Whatever comes first. I sure hope it’s not an endless night.

Anyway. Begin speculation!

To be continued