Amena’s Imagination, #2

Continued from Part 1

Okay, so there could be this planet, let’s call it Xxryzikaki. Yeah, that sure is an alien name, but to their tongue, “Earth” would sound just as crazy.

All right. Xxryzikaki. It’s the land of gas. Or not so much land as just air then, but sentient air, you see.

And I guess they wouldn’t have tongues either. No. Wait. Air could have a mouth? Sure, why not? It’s alien air! Alien air has every right to be weird, just as I’d be weird to it.

“You’re solid? Freak.”

“Well, technically, I’m mostly water.”

“You’re mostly water, but you’re solid? Weirdo.”

So the Xxryzikakians are cloud people, but not people-shaped. Why would cloud people need legs? They float. Really, they just need their heads and brains. Brains are always good to have. Every species worth its salt should come equipped with brains.

No, no, no! They can’t have mouths! Silly Amena. If they had mouths, they’d need throats and larynxes. Is that the right plural for larynx? Larynxseses…No, I was right the first time.

I suppose cloud people probably communicate by thunder and lightning, like a type of Morse Code lightning flashes, with thunder as the punctuation.

Now how would they see and hear all that? Special sensitivity to photons, maybe, and the hearing’s a no-brainer. They’d just feel the vibrations passing through them.

Hmm. But no nervous system, so no sense of touch…

And what would cloud people even do with themselves? Float around and thunder at each other? And what if two cloud people collided?

It would be really hard to remain an individual when other cloud people keep passing right on through you, mixing their molecules with yours…

Ew. I do not want the life of a cloud person. Now the ability to transform into a cloud for brief periods of time, that would be downright nifty, except, what would happen to my brain while I was all smoky?

What if our clouds are alive and we just don’t realize it? Do clouds think? What would they think about?

“Sure is cold up here in the stratosphere, or would be cold if I had nerve endings capable of perceiving temperature…”

So there might not be a planet of cloud people. But there very well could a planet called Xxryzikaki!

To be continued

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