Amena’s Imagination, #3

(See Part 1 and Part 2)

Who/what else might be there…?

Oh! Oh! Oh! Of course!

Xxryzikaki could be packed with super-evolved insects!

I don’t mean monstrous giant insects like in the old B-movies. Giant insects would swarm the whole world in no time, the way they reproduce. I’m talking regular little insects, just without the competition from us bigger species, so they get the run of the place.

But there are so many kinds of insects. How would that work? Which would emerge as the dominant species? How would they get along? Would termites and cockroaches wage war against each other? I can see the bees and hornets going at it with their stingers. That would be a fun fencing match to watch, probably less so with the bees’ kamikaze tendencies.

And there might be a problem with someone like me visiting such a world. I’d be the giant monster from an alien planet. Gigantism is not a great way to make a good first impression.

I should have Sela invent a shrink ray, just in case.

You know, seeing insects from that perspective would kind of make them look like movie aliens, with their numerous eyes and limbs and antennae.

So really, you could pretend to be on alien planet anytime without ever leaving Earth. You’d just need a shrink ray.

Better to actually be on the alien planet, though. Our insects don’t make for pleasant company. And alien insects might be comically cultured. Just think—a centipede painter! Ants discussing philosophy! Grasshopper martial artists!

Why can’t Earth insects be like that? Because they don’t really have much room for brains in those little bodies, do they?

Alien insects probably wouldn’t either…

So if there is an insect-dominated planet, they probably are just battling for global domination. Or trying to eat each other. Something like that.

Yeah, I think Xxryzikaki can do better…

To be continued

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