Amena’s Imagination, #6

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I’ve thought of something less far-fetched than a world of talking letters warring with talking numbers. A planet of living time!

Stay with me on this. Each moment there ever was or ever will be is concentrated within a distinct, single being. Everything going on throughout the entire universe in that moment exists within that person—or plant or blob of energy or what have you.

Probably a blob of energy, and when you look in, you see that entire universal instant, and you’d get a killer of a headache.

There’d have to be a lot of time people—time blobs, whatever. They’d fill an entire interstellar empire.

Maybe all the planets on our list are populated by time blobs.

Maybe we’re all time people and don’t even realize it. Come to think of it, you couldn’t be a time person and be aware of it. Knowing absolutely everything going on everywhere—that’d drive you mad!

So maybe we are time people.

But that would be interesting, to be a time blob knowing absolutely everything in that moment. You could spend forever exploring a single moment throughout the universe.

The downside, however, would be not knowing what happened before or after. That’d take quite a bit out of context.

Time blobs wouldn’t be as smart as they might think they are, would they?

And what kind personality might a time blob even have? The sum of everything going on during its moment? What relationships would time blobs form with each other?

So many puns I can make. So many worlds to speculate about…

To be continued…

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