Get to Know…Evelyn Knightley

headshot EKWe have a poet with us! Meet Evelyn Knightley, author of a poetry and short story anthology. She’s also the co-founder of NAUSICA, an online feminist magazine.

Tell us about your book.

“I Haven’t Lived At All” is a collection of poetry and short stories. Some of the content originates from my early teenage years whilst some was solely created for this; I think that assists the ‘theme’ of the book. For me, IHLAA was somewhat of a selfish project as the idea came to me when I felt like I was at a crossroads in life. I spent a lot of my time dwelling over the past, which is a never a good thing to do, and feeling resentful because I never thought I could achieve what I want to. Continue reading

Apparently, I owe everything to my sister

My older sister, Erin, thinks I would be nothing without her influence. So I’ve interviewed her on the subject.Muppets

D: Hello, Erin. So I understand you like to take credit for me. Please elaborate.

E: Hello, Daniel, if that’s even your real name. Simply put, you owe your life’s passion to me. I single-handedly planted all the seeds of creativity from your childhood that has now grown into a full-fledged career. I forced you to write and perform various plays, skits, and fan-fiction novels that shan’t be named and I have the videos and notebooks to blackmail–I mean prove it. 🙂 Continue reading

Ground your sci-fi

(Originally posted at Indie Sci Fi.)

Science fiction is fun. You can do all sorts of wondrous things that aren’t yet possible in real life and might never be.

Want to teleport? Build a sentient robot? Journey to the center of a molecule? Go for it!

But let’s not get too carried away. To paraphrase a theme of The Incredibles, if everything’s special, then nothing is. Contrasts are key.

Avoid the “anything goes” mentality. Give your world or universe rules, and establish those expectations early. Otherwise, you’ll wind up like 1950s Superman — constantly gaining new powers as the plot demands. Continue reading

Amena’s Imagination, #5

(If you’re new here, feel free to start at the beginning.)

Qualidadiania is populated by the alphabet. Which alphabet? Every alphabet.

Letters from every language walk and talk and gallivant and have a grand old time. And the letters could be in several different fonts. The children are lowercase, obviously.

Take the letter “A,” for example. She—yeah, she’s a she, being a vowel and all—she would stand a little more than five feet tall and be completely A-shaped, but with some depth, not some flat thing. Plenty of room for a brain, nervous system, heart, etc.

I really hope the different fonts would get along. You always expect letters to be civilized, but then you come across something like Finnegans Wake and realize just how odd they can be in certain combinations.

What if numbers are also on this planet? That might not work so well. Letters vs. Numbers. Who do you root for?

That would be a neat world. And highly educational. I can see it now, as a clichéd, melodramatic war drama… Continue reading

Get to Know…Jennifer Raygoza

JenRaygozaMeet fantasy writer Jennifer Raygoza, author of The Guardians. Welcome, Jennifer!

Tell us about your book.

This story is told from the point of view of Gianna, a girl who is still mentally struggling with her mother’s death. She and her family have managed to move on all in their own way. She is not your average girl.  She is tough and sassy, and happens to be the daughter of a Mafia boss.

On top of that, she works for her dad doing odd jobs. She is sent out one day to pick up a man named Caleb who turns her world upside down, by throwing Gianna into a world she didn’t know existed. This really is a good vs. evil story. The story is love, pain and sacrifice mixed in with a twisted plot. Continue reading

Future books & a current promo

I have a plan. And a promo! But first the plan…

The next RIP should be ready for publication near the end of the summer, but it won’t just be the second novelette. In a way, the next RIP will also be the first RIP — and more.

The currently available “Touch” will join three new novelettes in a single volume for a more indulgent RIP experience. The new titles will be “Alone,” “The Crazy Line,” and “Point B.”

“Alone” has received several favorable comments from beta readers, including one who told me not to change a thing (although I probably will). I’ve written a complete draft of “The Crazy Line,” so now it’s time to set that aside while I write “Point B,” which is already mostly plotted.

My goal is to get the initial writing done this month, put them through the beta reading and editing throughout July (Todd Barselow, you’ll be hearing from me), and then final clean-up in late August. While I wait for feedback, I’ll resume work on the next Earths in Space volume, which is well underway also.

This is all tentative, but I’m optimistic.

So where does that leave the current RIP: Touch?

Basically, I just want you to read it and get hooked, like these reviewers have. Here’s the promo:

For the entire month of June, if you purchase Earths in Space, I will give you RIP: Touch for free as an ePub, Mobi, or PDF (your choice). I’ll also throw in the original version of RIP, a television pilot script PDF. All that for $1.99! To claim them, please send an email to with the purchase code, and I’ll send the files ASAP.

If science-fiction isn’t your thing, you can download RIP: Touch for 99 cents, and I’ll give you the pilot script as my equivalent of a DVD bonus feature (again, please email me with the purchase code). Then you’ll know if you want to spend $2.99 to read the next three parts. Sales of the first novelette will help fund production of the upcoming volume. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

I can even sort of sign the e-books.

Future RIP volumes will also contain four new novelettes for $2.99, and the next Earths in Space (which tends to run longer) will have three novellas for $2.99.

So there you have it…

Need an editor?

I now offer editing services, and you can test me out with five pages for free.

Please see details here.

I’m happy to work with indie authors as well as those seeking traditional publication.

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