Amena’s Imagination, #9

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Right now, anything is possible. No, that’s not quite right. Anything feels possible because I don’t know the answer. I don’t know what type of life is out there. I don’t know for a fact that there is life out there.

Sure would be depressing for it all to be empty. Well, it’s not empty. Lots of stars, anyway. But if there aren’t any souls in all that space…if there’s just stuff — unthinking, soulless, stuff…

That’s a lonely thought. But what are the odds that in all that space, life only evolved here? I really don’t know how to even begin calculating those odds, but if feels like something else should be taking up space somewhere in some galaxy…What a waste of space if we’re alone…

The universe doesn’t care about my ignorance, though. The aliens sure wouldn’t. There either are aliens or there aren’t aliens, and if there are, they are who they are. They exist, or they do not exist. No amount of speculation will change that.

Maybe we’ll visit a planet of sentient gas, highly evolved insects, brainiac chickens, talking numbers and letters, sentient time blobs, evil twins, or platypuses. Maybe. Maybe it’ll be something else entirely. I’d rather it be something I hadn’t even considered.

C’mon, universe, surprise me! Be amazing!

As of this evening, this minute, this moment, I know one thing. Whatever is out there is already out there. I just haven’t discovered it yet. Or them. Hopefully them.

But tomorrow—yes, tomorrow—I will discover what at least one planet holds. And that’s the epitome of amazingness right there.

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