Free days ahead!

Sorry for the absence of posting this week. I’ve been busy preparing content for next week’s Blogger Book Fair, in which I’ll make appearances and C.J. Brightley’s and Margaret Taylor’s websites, and those two authors will stop by here for interviews on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.

In the meantime, indulge in some free RIP. Yes, RIP: Touch is now a member of the KDP Select program, and its first free days will run July 18-20. So please treat yourself to a free novelette, and then come back for its re-release as part of RIP vol. 1: Choices later this year. (Or if you want to buy “Touch,” that’s great, too, and it will help with production costs of the four-novelette volume.)

And one last thing: Tomorrow — Thursday, July 18, 3 p.m. EST — the fine folks at Bublish will interview me in a Twitter chat, so be sure to follow @DanielSherrier and @BublishMe. Fun will ensue.