“Doing great and getting better”

In one of my other lives, I help out at a martial arts school. Whenever we ask the kids how they’re doing, they know to respond, “Doing great and getting better, sir!”

It’s an attitude worth adopting, regardless of what we’re doing.

How’s that book coming along? Doing great and getting better!

How are you doing with your fitness goals? Doing great and getting better!

How are you adjusting to your new job? Doing great and getting better!

To break it down, “doing great” means we’re on the right path. We’re making progress toward a worthwhile¬†goal at whatever pace we can presently manage. “Getting better” means we’re improving, and we will continue improving as long as we keep working at it.

So, let’s say you’re struggling with writer’s block. You’ve got 10,000 words written, and you’re not sure where to go next. It’s aggravating. I know. You start feeling like nothing’s working, and you wonder if this thing will ever come together.

Switch it around in your mind. You’ve already written 10,000 words. They might need work. They probably do. But there’s some good stuff within — good stuff that didn’t exist until you made it exist. That’s fantastic! You’re doing great! Go ahead and do some light editing on those 10,000 words. Make them better, and as you do, you’re getting closer to finding a solution to overcome that writer’s block. You’re getting better.

Remember: How are you doing?

“Doing great and getting better!”