Help me help the Red Cross

EIS1I feel like doing something nice this weekend. So, let’s help out the American Red Cross.

For each copy of Earths in Space sold 9/27, 9/28, and 9/29/13, I will give my cut to the Red Cross. The e-book costs $1.99, and I usually get $0.70 from each download. This weekend only, I’ll give that $0.70 to the Red Cross, multiplied by the number of copies sold, plus whatever I need to add to round up to the next $5 increment.

There is one flaw in this plan, though. My distributor, Bookbaby, has a two-month delay in reporting sales. But we can get around this. Please send me a FB message, tweet to @DanielSherrier, email to, or comment letting me know about your purchase. That way, I can go ahead and make the donation on Monday. I promise not to collect any email addresses. We’re all on the Honor System here.

I have not been in touch with the Red Cross about this. I simply plan on making an online donation first thing Monday morning.

Am I hoping this will bump up my sales ranking? Of course, but I will also enjoy being able to toss a few bucks to a charitable organization, and I hope you‘ll enjoy Earths in Space. Everyone wins.

The sales links are compiled here. (No retailer is associated with this event. It’s all just me.)

And you can read about the Red Cross here.