Go see Gravity

Gravity-posterMost movies I see in the theater these days are based on pre-existing properties, and that’s sad. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed The Avengers and the Iron Man movies, and I’m looking forward to the next X-Men, but I’d love to see Hollywood tell more good, original stories that are uniquely suited for the medium — stories that aren’t crafted by committee by-the-numbers fashion to appeal to the greatest number of people.

I’d love to see more films like Gravity, a new film by Alfonso Cuaron starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney (and basically no one else).

Gravity is an amazing movie, and you need to see it. If you’re a filmmaker or a writer of any medium, study it.

The story is simple. An accident in space sends a medical engineer and astronaut adrift, and they need to get to safety.

That’s all you need for a compelling story. The journey home is one of the most reliable plots. But the filmmakers add plenty of humanity to the proceedings. Gravity isn’t just about getting home — it’s about finding the will to persevere when it seems like you have no reason to go on.

Pay attention to the execution. The pacing, the dialogue, the obstacles — it’s all as close to perfect as we can reasonably expect. Once the action starts, the struggling never stops. Nothing is easy. No moment is wasted. The filmmakers cut out all the fat, and the audience remains tense throughout this entire experience.

The performances are superb, Bullock’s especially. I don’t care if she already won an Oscar a few years ago. She earned another with this.

And the effects deserve the big screen. Everything feels real.

Go see this. Support a smart, original work, and immerse yourself in an amazing experience.

I was hoping for a good movie. Instead, I found a new favorite.