RIP excerpt #1 of 4

RIP-V1-finalRIP vol. 1: Choices After Death is in its final proofreading stages. Those four novelettes are coming to an e-reader near you soon. In the meantime, I’ll be posting an excerpt from each novelette.

The beginning seems like a very good place to start, so below is a scene from the first episode, “Touch.” More than five-hundred of you downloaded “Touch” during its Amazon Kindle Select free days.

Have you read it yet?


Rip leaned against another tree and slid into a sitting position. He noticed the grass sticking through Serissa’s bare feet. “So I have to decide, basically, the course of my life from here on out—assuming, of course, I’m not simply losing my mind.”

Serissa stood her ground, summoning Rip with her finger. “Give me your hand.”

Rip climbed to his feet and stepped forward, hesitant. He reached out, unsure what to expect from a dead, intangible girl.

Nor did the dead, intangible girl know what to expect. She had no idea if this would work, but her lips curled up in the anticipation that it might. Serissa slowly interlocked her fingers with his, and they both squeezed.

Contact. Solid contact.

“You’re warm,” Rip said, feeling a soft human hand, indistinguishable from any living person’s.

“Only to you,” Serissa said, smiling at her first physical sensation since…in a long time.


I’ll leave you with the book description. Stay tuned for more excerpts!

Ghosts are people, too. What kind of people, however, is up to each one to decide.

Rip Cooper learns he can perceive ghosts with his five senses as if they were flesh and blood, and he’s just as solid to them — pretty much the only solid thing, in fact. This young loner has to overcome his fears and kill dead people to prevent them from corrupting the living. He works alongside an impure “angel” and his ex-best friend’s ex-girlfriend as they teach him how love can lead to strength.

RIP vol. 1: Choices After Death features the first four novelettes in this coming-of-age and redemption story: “Touch,” “Alone,” “The Crazy Line,” and “Point B,” plus the short story “Strength.”