Get to Know…Drew Avera

reich front cover revised Meet Drew Avera, author of the dystopian science-fiction novella Reich. Welcome, Drew!

Tell us about your latest book, please.

In the 158 years after Hitler’s death (AH158), Germany has become the utopian state that he had originally envisioned. The Aryan Dynasty has conquered the free world at the cost of billions of lives. Hitler has become the patriarch of a new religious fervor, one that even he did not see coming. The wastelands that surround Germany are the only threat awaiting the German citizens. That is at least what everyone is taught. This is a story of how misplaced power can lead to tyranny, but it could be Germany that falls victim to a new Reich.

How did you come up with this idea?

My novella Reich is a story about revolution. I wondered what it would be like to have two opposing sides and neither one of them be the ‘good guy’. I developed the story the way most writers do; I asked “What if?” In this case, what if World War 2 ended differently? It kind of snowballed from there.

Why does dystopian science fiction appeal to you?

I enjoy the idea of there being a sense of hopelessness in the world, but the characters are still looking for it. There is something awe-inspiring in that kind of commitment.

What’s the book’s opening line? Why did you start there?

“Germany. Perfect People Perfecting a Perfect World,” read the sign up ahead.

This was the beginning of a short story that became the novella Reich. I imagined Germany winning WWII and where they would be if Hitler was able to succeed. I fast forwarded to 158 years in the future and explored Germany from that perspective.

Please share a writing tip you’ve found helpful.

Write all the time. It sounds corny, but my best writing comes after I’ve spent a few days doing it consistently.

Very true. Let’s pretend you’re casting this book as a movie. Who would you like to portray these characters?

In my book Dead Planet I envisioned Drew Roy from Falling Skies as being the character Serus. I also thought that White should be played by Bruce Willis. With my current work in progress I am thinking about Stuart Townsend as the vampire Noah Paxton. But, that may be because he was in Queen of the Damned

Thank you for your service in the Navy. Tell us a little bit about that career, please.

I am an aviation electrician and I specialize in the F/A18 super hornet. Right now I teach electrical systems for what is known as C-School, which is where people going to the super hornet platform learn about the aircraft. I’ve been in the navy for over 13 years and I’ve made 3 combat deployments. My first was in 2002 on the USS George Washington and I deployed in 2007 and 2011 on the USS Enterprise (It is nothing like Star Trek…trust me).

Just wait a few hundred years, and it’ll be like Star Trek. What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

I’m currently reading Innocent Blood by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell; it is becoming my favorite read so far this year.

Who is your favorite fictional character? (Any medium)


Because he’s Batman, I’m sure. So who would win in a fight—Batman or Wolverine?

Wolverine on round 1, Batman every other time after that.

Sounds about right. If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?

Is immortality a super power? I would like to see where the world is going without the risk of death; though I believe that immortality is a curse…in that case I will pick flying and/or teleporting.

Yeah, immortality might get old. What’s next for you?

It’s currently NaNoWriMo and I’m working on a vampire novel called For Thee Darkness Weeps. I’m about 1/5 of the way in it…roughly.

With most of the month left to go. Where can people learn more about your work?Avera I tend to post more about my writing on Facebook than I do anywhere else, but my blog has a lot of interviews with many awesome authors, so I would suggest going there to find your next favorite book!

Wonderful. Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I play guitar and enjoy playing heavy music. I listen to bands like Chevelle, Alter Bridge, and Breaking Benjamin when I write. Music is a huge part of my life and affects my mood because of it.

Thank you, Drew!