RIP’s Journey Across the Internet

RIP: Choices After Death has been enjoying a pleasant jaunt across the Internet.RIP-V1-final

First, fellow Virginia author Drew Avera was nice enough to interview me. Do I think Superman or the Incredible Hulk would win in a fight? Find out here!

Reviews, freebies, and more gave RIP a 5/5 rating, stating, “This book was fantastic. It pulled me in from the very first line. This isn’t your typical ‘ghost story’ it’s an action packed adventure.” Certainly made my day.

Another gracious author, Kristen Duvall, interviewed me the next day. Learn about a short story I wrote at age eight. It’s every bit as epic as you might expect.

Sophie’s Thoughts and Fumbles hosted me for a guest post, in which I discussed the development of Serissa and how integral she is to the story. After all, a guy beating up ghosts is fun, but it’s not enough of an idea for a book or a series.

Yesterday, Bookish Randomness hosted for another guest post, and this one was all about music. I listed ten songs I kept listening to while writing RIP. YouTube links are included.

And, of course, there’s a Rafflecopter. Enter for a chance to win a RIP e-book. Or, if you’d like to let someone else win, you can always just go ahead and download it. I will not object.

This last link is separate from the blog tour, but my editor, Todd Barselow, was recently interviewed here about his work.

Thanks to all who have hosted me!