Say no to Black Friday, yes to supporting indie authors

I do not like Black Friday. I hate that it’s crept into Thanksgiving Day. I’ve worked retail, and my father still does. You will not find me in any store this whole weekend.

Instead, I’ll encourage you to purchase ebooks. Let the computers do all the hard work. I’ll even sweeten the deal for RIP: Choices After Death — and some other authors’ books.

As I’ve mentioned before, I originally wrote RIP as a television series. The four novelettes in Choices After Death all first existed as teleplays, and I stil have them on my flash drive.

They’re rougher than what you’ll see in the book. I wrote the scripts around 2010 and 2011, so the ideas have had some time to percolate and my own skills have continued to develop. The pilot is fairly well polished and fared pretty well in a couple of contests, but things start looking messier after that, especially by the fourth episode. Some plot points are different, and not a good different.

Still, I’ll embarrass myself for your entertainment. Download RIP: Choices After Death by the end of Saturday, Nov. 30, and I’ll send you PDFs of all four RIP television scripts, warts included. Just email me at daniel (at) or Facebook message me the confirmation code, and I’ll reply ASAP with your PDFs. (I will not collect your email addresses.)

That’s one option. Here’s another, which also expires at the end of Saturday.

Check out these authors I’ve interviewed. If you order any of their books, ebook or print, even just one, send me the confirmation code and I’ll send you the first RIP novelette, “Touch,” as a PDF, MOBI, or ePub (just let me know your preference, please). (This promotion is all on me. They’re not even aware of it, so please send all complaints and criticisms my way, not their way.)

As for my other series, Earths in Space, there’s really no need to run any new promotion, because one is already in progress. For a limited time, you can get it free at Story Cartel. Leaving a review somewhere will earn you a shot at winning one of three $10 Amazon giftcards.

So how does all this sound? Let’s stay away from Black Friday and instead just support some nice indie authors.