Get to Know…Dana Fitzwater Cornell

MyMother'sRing_Front Cover“Get to Know…” has returned! And to re-kick things off, let’s chat with an author I already knew from real life! Real life? Yes, there is such a thing.

Meet Dana Fitzwater Cornell. She recently released her debut historical novel, My Mother’s Ring, and since we used to work at a newspaper together, I can genuinely assure you she’s an excellent writer.

Welcome, Dana!

Tell us about your book, please.

“My Mother’s Ring” is a novel detailing one man’s life before, during, and after the Holocaust.

Why did you want to write about the Holocaust?

I’ve always been interested in this time period because my great aunt’s family spent time in concentration and labor camps, including Auschwitz, because they were Jewish sympathizers (living in Poland). Also, I wanted to write a book that was deep, powerful, and educational – one that changes people’s perspective of their own life and teaches them about an important time in history. It’s a tribute to the millions of victims who were never able to tell their stories. Continue reading