Evolution begins here

We’re still in the season of giving, right?

So I’ll give you the beginning of Earths in Space: We Must Evolve. This second volume will contain four connected novellas, and those four novellas will constitute a full novel of more than 100,000 words.

It’s still a work-in-progress. I keep thinking of ways to improve it, and I won’t publish until I’m sure it’s the best it can be.

Nevertheless, the beginning, as it currently stands, lets you get to know the characters, and I’d like you to meet them…or meet them again. It also has some spoilers for the first book, Where Are the Little Green Men? If you’d prefer to start with that book (which, by the way, is now available in paperback) I’ll direct you here.

But if you’re ready to dive into the second installment, then please enjoy this PDF link, and let me know what you think…