Presenting the “it’s really darn cold out” sale

It’s freezing, but there’s one force in the known universe that will warm your mind.

Imagination! Imaginary warmth is hot stuff. Where do you find imagination? Why, in a book, of course!

So, to help take your mind off the cold, I’m putting the Earths in Space e-book on sale for 99 cents (down from $1.99).

And remember, the RIP: Touch e-book is permanently free at Smashwords.

Both Earths in Space: Where Are the Little Green Men? and RIP: Choices After Death are enrolled in the Kindle Matchbook program, by the way. This means if you purchase the paperback edition through Amazon, you can get the Kindle version at no extra charge.

Now get in from the cold and spark the fire of your…imagination!

(It’s fun being cheesy, isn’t it? I don’t know what that cheetah thought was so hard.)