It’s almost not really cold outside

Temperatures are warming up, aside from the occasional relapse, so it’s time for my “It’s really darn cold outside” sale to come to a close.

This weekend is your last chance to download the Earths in Space e-book for a mere 99 cents. Monday, it’ll be back up to its usual $1.99.

Just think of all the amazing parts of things you could buy with that dollar. You could get Earths in Space and still treat yourself to one-third of a latte!

Smashword’s “Read an Ebook Week”

Lots of ebooks are on sale at Smashwords this week.

The e-book distributor is celebrating “Read an Ebook Week,” and many authors have enabled coupons for 25%, 50%, 75%, and even 100% off. The full list of participating titles is available here.

All my ebooks are in the catalogue. Enter coupon code REW50 to get RIP: Choices After Death at 50 percent off. RIP: Touch is already permanently free. Earths in Space: Where Are the Little Green Men? is temporarily free with coupon code RW100.

Yes, a free Earths in Space. The book is not enrolled in Kindle Select, so this is your chance to download it at no cost.

And don’t forget, the new digital magazine Beyond Imagination is also available for free at Smashwords and other sites.

Beyond Imagination — a FREE digital literary magazine

Beyond Imagination, a new digital literary magazine, has launched. You can download the first issue for FREE at Smashwords and other fine online retailers.

The first issue includes one of my short stories, “Blaming Bloman,” a satire about a pretentious play.

Unlike most of my work, this story does have some profanity, but not nearly as much as a Kevin Smith movie.

At least eighteen other authors have contributed to this magazine, so please take a look and enjoy!