Win a signed paperback of RIP!

I turn 31 this month. Know what that means?RIP-V1-final.jpg

Time to give away one free paperback copy of RIP: Choices After Death! (What? Not 31 copies? Sticking to the ones place is much more affordable, thank you.) My birthday, but you get the gift. Ain’t I swell?

I’ll even autograph it, and believe me, my signature is worth precisely the ink it takes to write it. (Anyone know what ink is worth???)

This is the first time I’ve ever done this. Sure, I’ve given away several e-books, but that’s as easy as sending an email. For this, I will take a special trip to my friendly neighborhood Post Office and place the specially autographed paperback in the care of a United States Postal Service employee, who will then initiate a process that sends this intrepid paperback on an epic cross-country journey.

The book, however, will stick to the continental U.S. It’s not that intrepid, and I am that cheap.

Now if only we could find some impartial arbiter to select a winner…

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