Meeting the Doctors

New post up at Smash Cut Culture! And it’s all about Doctor Who, which makes the link 729 percent more clickable.Tennant

Here’s the beginning:

Doctor Who fans are getting ready to meet the latest incarnation of the ancient alien who travels through all of space and time in a blue box that’s bigger on the inside.

A clever plot device has helped keep the BBC series on the air for so many years. Whenever the Doctor dies, he regenerates into a new body and picks up life right where he left off—with some new personality quirks and different taste in clothing, but his core characteristics and memory remain more or less intact.

That’s certainly one way to keep things fresh.

Unlike James Bond, Doctor Who has a valid in-story reason for why 11 (and now 12) different actors have taken on the title role over the past 50 years.

Peter Capaldi will star in his first full episode Aug. 23, and Whovians will get to meet the Doctor all over again. A season premiere is that much more exciting when it basically doubles as a series premiere of sorts, too.

So, let’s take a quick look back in time at the introductions of the previous three “modern” Doctors…

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