Boo! Spend your Halloween with RIP: Choices After Death for a wee bit cheaper

RIP-V1-finalPardon my crass commercialization of Halloween, but it’s time to mark the RIP: Choices After Death ebook down from $2.99 to $1.99 for the rest of October.

I confess, it’s not scary, aside from a few creepy scenes. But it has ghosts — and not of the “Rhosts, Raggy!” variety. Actual ghosts so real you can touch them. Well, Rip can touch them, and see, hear, smell, but hopefully not taste them. You can just read about him touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, and hopefully not tasting them.

It’s Halloween week! You’re obligated to indulge in ghostly fun.

If you’ve read the first RIP novelette for free, it’s the perfect time to continue on with┬áthe rest of the book.

If you don’t, Serissa will punch you in the face. Granted, her fist will go right through you and you won’t feel a thing or even see her do it, but that won’t stop her.