Earths in Space: We Must Evolve excerpt #3

earths-in-space-v2-front-coverLaunch week for Earths in Space: We Must Evolve has arrived! The ebook’s preorder pages will magically transform into order pages on Friday, and the paperback edition already went live. It’s not absolutely necessary to read the first book, but I certainly won’t stop you. 

This latest excerpt allows me to bring up an extra-special point. An uncommon feature of the Earths in Space series is that it stars an asexual leading lady. Asexuality is the least common of sexual orientations. The description applies to maybe 1 percent of the population. But it’s real. Some people simply don’t experience sexual attraction, and that’s fine. To learn more about asexuality, check out the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network, or just Google it.

This sci-fi story is not about asexuality, and it’s not even explicitly stated. Amena’s asexuality is vaguely hinted at in Vol. 1, but it becomes a bit more obvious in Vol. 2, as you’ll see below…


“He actually can get pretty industrious sometimes,” Jem said.

Amena wondered if “industrious” was a euphemism. It didn’t sound like one, but a lot of euphemisms tended to take her by surprise.

That kiss was ingrained in Amena’s mind. It nauseated her on a number of levels, the age difference being a big one, but even worse was the notion that this bright—well, sometimes bright—beautiful and strong girl who was just barely old enough to drink would choose to spend such quality time with a slovenly wealthy man prone to erratic behavior. Jem was no gold digger. Outside of the salary she drew from this work, she never spent any of his money. The two of them just kind of clung to each other for unfathomable reasons. Amena understood precious little about it, but she was pretty darn sure it wasn’t healthy.

“Jem, let’s talk girl-to-girl.”

“I guess we would have to.”

“Huh?” Smirking? Why was Jem smirking at her?

“You can’t really talk woman-to-woman, can you?”


“I’ve never seen you date anyone. Not once in like a year and a half. When Kaden showed up, I had hope, but he’s obviously in your brother zone. Have you ever had a boyfriend?”

Amena faced forward. “I’ve dated.”

“Anyone more than once?”

“I—can’t we just focus on Pluto for now? I mean…Pluto!”

“That’s what gets you off, a place that’s cold and empty, but you can’t stand the touch of another human being.”

“I’ll have you know I’m a highly accomplished hugger.” Amena reminded herself she did not need to go on defense. “Look, forget about me. The issue at hand here—”

“The issue is I have a heart.”

Amena thought she detected an accusatory tone lurking somewhere beneath those words. “Are you suggesting you’re blazing new territory there?”

“New to you.”

“I have a heart.”

“You’ve got something that pumps blood. People are just these cute little novelties to you.”

“We’re all—every individual is a novelty.”

“You taking a date all the way—now that’d be a novelty.”

“Jem, why am I singled out here?”

“Nice pun.”

“No, no, look. Everyone here, we’re all busy universe-trotters without much in the way of love lives.”

“Mariana goes on dates between trips. They all annoy the hell out of her, but she keeps trying. Sela and Kaden will be getting together any second now. You’re probably oblivious about Gilmore. And then Ballard—well, he’s just obnoxious.”

Amena vetted several potential responses before settling on the most efficient one. “He is. Yes. Ballard is certainly obnoxious.”

A disturbing mischievousness overtook Jem. “Do you think he’s pretty?”

Amena gagged.

Jem continued, “I have to admit he’s a good-looking man. I mean, those arms.”


“The chiseled jaw. Ohh, that hair. I’d do him. Just once. For all you know, I—”

Amena blurted out, “Whit likes Pluto, too. It’s not just me.” She picked up her pace, leaving behind the source of traumatic mental images. “I got calls to make.”


So, if you’re part of that 1 percent of the population who couldn’t care less about hot steamy romances, I give you…Amena!