Today’s Super Comic: Action Comics #761 (2000)

Action761Superman and Wonder Woman meet Thor! Okay, not Marvel’s Thor, but Norse mythology happens to lie within the public domain, so they can get transported to Valhalla and meet a different interpretation of Thor.

But that’s actually the least of what makes this single-issue story so fantastic. It opens amid an ongoing subplot at the time in which the public suspects there might be a “Mrs. Superman” and is speculating about who this lucky lady might be. Lois—his actual wife at this stage of continuity and keeper of his secret identity—teases Clark about the whole thing and tries to get him to name someone whom Superman the icon would marry, hypothetically. Clark insists there couldn’t possibly be anyone other than Lois. And then Wonder Woman drops by.

But when Wonder Woman gets sucked into a centuries-long war among gods in another dimension and Superman is dragged along, he demonstrates what an exceptionally decent hero he is, and writer Joe Kelly expertly delineates Clark’s relationship with Lois and his friendship with Diana. He’ll fight by Wonder Woman’s side until the end of time if needed, because she’s his friend, and even after centuries of seemingly endless war, he’ll remain faithful to Lois, because she’s his love. (And he also vows never to take a life during this whole thing, because he’s also that kind of hero.)

A complete, epic tale of love and friendship spanning centuries—in a mere 22 pages. Fantastic stuff.

Writer: Joe Kelly

Penciler: German Garcia

Inker: Joe Rubinstein

Publisher: DC Comics

How to Read It: back issues

Appropriate For: ages 10 and up