Today’s Super Comic — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #25 (1991)

TMNT 25 ArchieTo be honest, I haven’t read this one in at least twenty years, but I will forever be fond of this issue. This was the first comic book I ever read, and it succeeded in hooking me at the age of eight.

At that point, I think I still watched the classic Ninja Turtles cartoon, but my interest in that wouldn’t last much longer. My grandmother gave me this comic among several other treats, and thus I discovered a different and more exciting take on my favorite cartoon characters.

Saturday morning cartoons always had to revert to the status quo after half an hour, or at least by the end of a two-parter. But in this comic book series, the plots and characters could evolve issue by issue without a reset button in sight. Sure, nothing drastic could happen—they weren’t going to kill any of the Turtles or have Splinter turn evil—but April could begin ninja training, they could face foes other than Shredder, and…well, I’m drawing a blank on the specifics.

Twenty-plus years is plenty of time to forget the details, but I remember how it made me feel as a child. I had a whole new world to explore, and I could return to it month after month.

I can’t promise this holds up as a great read or would be worth an adult’s time, but it definitely worked its magic on this kid back in the day.

Writers: Ryan Brown and Dean Clarrain

Penciler: Chris Allan

Inker: Rod Ollerenshaw

Publisher: Archie Comics

How to Read It: back issues

Appropriate For: ages 7 and up