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Amena’s Imagination, #9

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Right now, anything is possible. No, that’s not quite right. Anything feels possible because I don’t know the answer. I don’t know what type of life is out there. I don’t know for a fact that there is life out there.

Sure would be depressing for it all to be empty. Well, it’s not empty. Lots of stars, anyway. But if there aren’t any souls in all that space…if there’s just stuff — unthinking, soulless, stuff…

That’s a lonely thought. But what are the odds that in all that space, life only evolved here? I really don’t know how to even begin calculating those odds, but if feels like something else should be taking up space somewhere in some galaxy…What a waste of space if we’re alone…

The universe doesn’t care about my ignorance, though. The aliens sure wouldn’t. There either are aliens or there aren’t aliens, and if there are, they are who they are. They exist, or they do not exist. No amount of speculation will change that.

Maybe we’ll visit a planet of sentient gas, highly evolved insects, brainiac chickens, talking numbers and letters, sentient time blobs, evil twins, or platypuses. Maybe. Maybe it’ll be something else entirely. I’d rather it be something I hadn’t even considered.

C’mon, universe, surprise me! Be amazing!

As of this evening, this minute, this moment, I know one thing. Whatever is out there is already out there. I just haven’t discovered it yet. Or them. Hopefully them.

But tomorrow—yes, tomorrow—I will discover what at least one planet holds. And that’s the epitome of amazingness right there.

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Amena’s Imagination, #8

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What if there’s a species currently living on Earth that originated on some other planet?

I’m thinking, of course, of the duckbill platypus.

If any animal’s an alien, that’s the one. I’m onto you, Mr. Platypus.

Come on now. A mammal that lays eggs? I call alien!

But why would they have come here? Did they escape a doomed planet? Were they exploring the universe before they got stranded here? Or are they simply enjoying a long-term, multi-generational vacation—as in, “multi” multiplied by millennia?

If the aliens are platypuses, then that means we’ve already seen them. I’d hate to go all that way and only find something familiar. Well, I’ve never actually seen a platypus in person, and I suppose it would be cooler to meet a platypus on the other side of the galaxy rather than the other side of the world.

I’d be okay with it under one condition. The alien platypuses must talk. Any voyage that results in a conversation with a platypus is a worthwhile voyage indeed.

But I have this feeling there aren’t going to be any talking platypuses in outer space…

To be continued

Amena’s Imagination, #7

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What if all those worlds are just a copy of this one? I mean, exact copies. We’d go over there right as the other “us” is coming here.

Oh, God, that would be pointless. Shoot me now. I’d hate to travel across the universe and meet myself.

It would be really boring for the time blobs, too. If I were a time blob in a repetitious universe, I’d go insane.

Now, a world of evil twins, however…

Nah, let’s not. I’d look terrible with a goatee.

To be continued

Amena’s Imagination, #6

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I’ve thought of something less far-fetched than a world of talking letters warring with talking numbers. A planet of living time!

Stay with me on this. Each moment there ever was or ever will be is concentrated within a distinct, single being. Everything going on throughout the entire universe in that moment exists within that person—or plant or blob of energy or what have you.

Probably a blob of energy, and when you look in, you see that entire universal instant, and you’d get a killer of a headache.

There’d have to be a lot of time people—time blobs, whatever. They’d fill an entire interstellar empire.

Maybe all the planets on our list are populated by time blobs.

Maybe we’re all time people and don’t even realize it. Come to think of it, you couldn’t be a time person and be aware of it. Knowing absolutely everything going on everywhere—that’d drive you mad!

So maybe we are time people.

But that would be interesting, to be a time blob knowing absolutely everything in that moment. You could spend forever exploring a single moment throughout the universe.

The downside, however, would be not knowing what happened before or after. That’d take quite a bit out of context.

Time blobs wouldn’t be as smart as they might think they are, would they?

And what kind personality might a time blob even have? The sum of everything going on during its moment? What relationships would time blobs form with each other?

So many puns I can make. So many worlds to speculate about…

To be continued…

Amena’s Imagination, #5

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Qualidadiania is populated by the alphabet. Which alphabet? Every alphabet.

Letters from every language walk and talk and gallivant and have a grand old time. And the letters could be in several different fonts. The children are lowercase, obviously.

Take the letter “A,” for example. She—yeah, she’s a she, being a vowel and all—she would stand a little more than five feet tall and be completely A-shaped, but with some depth, not some flat thing. Plenty of room for a brain, nervous system, heart, etc.

I really hope the different fonts would get along. You always expect letters to be civilized, but then you come across something like Finnegans Wake and realize just how odd they can be in certain combinations.

What if numbers are also on this planet? That might not work so well. Letters vs. Numbers. Who do you root for?

That would be a neat world. And highly educational. I can see it now, as a clichéd, melodramatic war drama… Continue reading

Amena’s Imagination, #4

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Smart chickens. Yes.

Maybe on this other world, a type of chicken has evolved with larger heads housing powerful brains, and they’ve invented all kinds of advanced machines that do the most wondrous…

Ohhh. Chickens don’t have opposable thumbs. It would be hard to industrialize without those.

Well, Xxryzikakian chickens could have evolved to have hands with opposable thumbs, but what are the odds?

No. The life on Xxryzikaki, or maybe it’s Roandia, or Qualidadiania, or something I can’t even pronounce, but odds are good the lifeforms are like nothing anyone has ever imagined.

Challenge accepted.

To be continued

Amena’s Imagination, #3

(See Part 1 and Part 2)

Who/what else might be there…?

Oh! Oh! Oh! Of course!

Xxryzikaki could be packed with super-evolved insects!

I don’t mean monstrous giant insects like in the old B-movies. Giant insects would swarm the whole world in no time, the way they reproduce. I’m talking regular little insects, just without the competition from us bigger species, so they get the run of the place.

But there are so many kinds of insects. How would that work? Which would emerge as the dominant species? How would they get along? Would termites and cockroaches wage war against each other? I can see the bees and hornets going at it with their stingers. That would be a fun fencing match to watch, probably less so with the bees’ kamikaze tendencies.

And there might be a problem with someone like me visiting such a world. I’d be the giant monster from an alien planet. Gigantism is not a great way to make a good first impression.

I should have Sela invent a shrink ray, just in case.

You know, seeing insects from that perspective would kind of make them look like movie aliens, with their numerous eyes and limbs and antennae.

So really, you could pretend to be on alien planet anytime without ever leaving Earth. You’d just need a shrink ray.

Better to actually be on the alien planet, though. Our insects don’t make for pleasant company. And alien insects might be comically cultured. Just think—a centipede painter! Ants discussing philosophy! Grasshopper martial artists!

Why can’t Earth insects be like that? Because they don’t really have much room for brains in those little bodies, do they?

Alien insects probably wouldn’t either…

So if there is an insect-dominated planet, they probably are just battling for global domination. Or trying to eat each other. Something like that.

Yeah, I think Xxryzikaki can do better…

To be continued

Amena’s Imagination, #2

Continued from Part 1

Okay, so there could be this planet, let’s call it Xxryzikaki. Yeah, that sure is an alien name, but to their tongue, “Earth” would sound just as crazy.

All right. Xxryzikaki. It’s the land of gas. Or not so much land as just air then, but sentient air, you see.

And I guess they wouldn’t have tongues either. No. Wait. Air could have a mouth? Sure, why not? It’s alien air! Alien air has every right to be weird, just as I’d be weird to it.

“You’re solid? Freak.”

“Well, technically, I’m mostly water.”

“You’re mostly water, but you’re solid? Weirdo.”

So the Xxryzikakians are cloud people, but not people-shaped. Why would cloud people need legs? They float. Really, they just need their heads and brains. Brains are always good to have. Every species worth its salt should come equipped with brains.

No, no, no! They can’t have mouths! Silly Amena. If they had mouths, they’d need throats and larynxes. Is that the right plural for larynx? Larynxseses…No, I was right the first time.

I suppose cloud people probably communicate by thunder and lightning, like a type of Morse Code lightning flashes, with thunder as the punctuation.

Now how would they see and hear all that? Special sensitivity to photons, maybe, and the hearing’s a no-brainer. They’d just feel the vibrations passing through them.

Hmm. But no nervous system, so no sense of touch…

And what would cloud people even do with themselves? Float around and thunder at each other? And what if two cloud people collided?

It would be really hard to remain an individual when other cloud people keep passing right on through you, mixing their molecules with yours…

Ew. I do not want the life of a cloud person. Now the ability to transform into a cloud for brief periods of time, that would be downright nifty, except, what would happen to my brain while I was all smoky?

What if our clouds are alive and we just don’t realize it? Do clouds think? What would they think about?

“Sure is cold up here in the stratosphere, or would be cold if I had nerve endings capable of perceiving temperature…”

So there might not be a planet of cloud people. But there very well could a planet called Xxryzikaki!

To be continued

Amena’s Imagination, #1

Welcome to the Amena’s Imagination, a weekly website-only series serving as a prequel to Earths inEIS1 Space.

Follow Amena Wharry’s insomniac mental ramblings on the night before the crew begins exploring other planets. Future installments will be posted at every Thursday.

This is flash fiction — just quick, brief, stream-of-consciousness writing to help lubricate everyone’s imagination, myself included.

And now we turn things over to Amena herself…

Amena’s Imagination

So tomorrow I’m going to do this thing, just a little thing I like to call exploring alien planets.

Yeah. Alien. That’s something, isn’t it? Of course, when I go there, they won’t really be alien, not to themselves, not to their world. I’ll be the alien.

I’m going to be an alien! Always wanted to be an alien. And I don’t mean transforming into some other lifeform. Well, it would depend on the type of alien, and I’m sure there are many lovely aliens worth stepping into their shoes, or whatever they have, for a few minutes or so. But to be myself as an alien—yes. We should all be aliens once in a while. Keep things fresh.

Whit’s got this whole map of planets he’s convinced have life on them. Thing is, we can’t be absolutely certain what kind of life, not until we actually go there.

Could be anything out there, anybody. And I’m going to meet them!

There’s no way I’m getting any sleep, not tonight, so there’s only one thing to do.

Speculate endlessly. Or at least until the morning. Whatever comes first. I sure hope it’s not an endless night.

Anyway. Begin speculation!

To be continued