Say no to Black Friday, yes to supporting indie authors

I do not like Black Friday. I hate that it’s crept into Thanksgiving Day. I’ve worked retail, and my father still does. You will not find me in any store this whole weekend.

Instead, I’ll encourage you to purchase ebooks. Let the computers do all the hard work. I’ll even sweeten the deal for RIP: Choices After Death — and some other authors’ books.

As I’ve mentioned before, I originally wrote RIP as a television series. The four novelettes in Choices After Death all first existed as teleplays, and I stil have them on my flash drive.

They’re rougher than what you’ll see in the book. I wrote the scripts around 2010 and 2011, so the ideas have had some time to percolate and my own skills have continued to develop. The pilot is fairly well polished and fared pretty well in a couple of contests, but things start looking messier after that, especially by the fourth episode. Some plot points are different, and not a good different.

Still, I’ll embarrass myself for your entertainment. Download RIP: Choices After Death by the end of Saturday, Nov. 30, and I’ll send you PDFs of all four RIP television scripts, warts included. Just email me at daniel (at) or Facebook message me the confirmation code, and I’ll reply ASAP with your PDFs. (I will not collect your email addresses.)

That’s one option. Here’s another, which also expires at the end of Saturday.

Check out these authors I’ve interviewed. If you order any of their books, ebook or print, even just one, send me the confirmation code and I’ll send you the first RIP novelette, “Touch,” as a PDF, MOBI, or ePub (just let me know your preference, please). (This promotion is all on me. They’re not even aware of it, so please send all complaints and criticisms my way, not their way.)

As for my other series, Earths in Space, there’s really no need to run any new promotion, because one is already in progress. For a limited time, you can get it free at Story Cartel. Leaving a review somewhere will earn you a shot at winning one of three $10 Amazon giftcards.

So how does all this sound? Let’s stay away from Black Friday and instead just support some nice indie authors.

What’s going on with these covers?

RIP-v1-jacket-concept-1-2 croppedEIS-v1-front-cover

What’s going on here? We’ve got RIP with a back cover and Earths in Space with a new cover that combines Vonnegut-esque font with 1980s video game aliens?

Whatever does it mean?

It means I’m going into print.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful covers designed by M.W. Messina.

We Must Evolve

Coming in 2014…

Earths in Space vol. 2: We Must Evolve

In which Amena wonders, “Hey, I just saw solid evidence of evolution on that really ancient Earth with the weird critters. Maybe some other Earth has super-evolved weird people. Yeah, I’m going to get my hopes up for that, and there is no possible way the universe will disappoint me.”

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the first volume, Where Are the Little Green Men? It’s available at your favorite online bookstores.

Halloween sale!

In the spirit of commercializing holidays, I’m offering special Halloween deals!

As the weather gets chillier, only books can keep you warm. It’s a proven scientific fact.* Please allow me to assist.

*Facts asserted on the Internet are not necessarily facts.

From now through Halloween, I’m knocking RIP vol. 1: Choices After Death down to one-third of its price. You can download it for only 99 cents at Amazon and Smashwords. (For Smashwords, use coupon code JH33C before checkout.) After Halloween, it’ll return to $2.99. I’m not planning any Kindle Select free days, sorry. $0.99 is as low as it’ll go.

Earths in Space vol. 1: Where Are the Little Green Men? will remain $1.99, but if you download it and let me know, I’ll give you a free PDF, ePub, or Mobi of the first RIP novelette, “Touch,” along with a PDF of the RIP television pilot script that started this whole thing off. So, if you like sci-fi but aren’t sure about those pesky ghosts, here’s a safe way to sample the series.

The Earths in Space links are collected here.

And what the heck. I’ll cut 10 percent off my editing services, too.

Offers end Nov. 1. Happy Halloween!

Help me help the Red Cross

EIS1I feel like doing something nice this weekend. So, let’s help out the American Red Cross.

For each copy of Earths in Space sold 9/27, 9/28, and 9/29/13, I will give my cut to the Red Cross. The e-book costs $1.99, and I usually get $0.70 from each download. This weekend only, I’ll give that $0.70 to the Red Cross, multiplied by the number of copies sold, plus whatever I need to add to round up to the next $5 increment.

There is one flaw in this plan, though. My distributor, Bookbaby, has a two-month delay in reporting sales. But we can get around this. Please send me a FB message, tweet to @DanielSherrier, email to, or comment letting me know about your purchase. That way, I can go ahead and make the donation on Monday. I promise not to collect any email addresses. We’re all on the Honor System here.

I have not been in touch with the Red Cross about this. I simply plan on making an online donation first thing Monday morning.

Am I hoping this will bump up my sales ranking? Of course, but I will also enjoy being able to toss a few bucks to a charitable organization, and I hope you‘ll enjoy Earths in Space. Everyone wins.

The sales links are compiled here. (No retailer is associated with this event. It’s all just me.)

And you can read about the Red Cross here.


Last week, I finally completed a full draft of the third novella in the Earths in Space series.

I had been struggling with it since January, and I took several lengthy breaks to work on other projects, primarily the RIP series (Volume 1: Choices After Death coming soon!). Each time I returned to the story, it never quite felt right. It had some good moments, yes — enough to motivate me to keep going with it.

The story needed to happen. I knew that, especially since I had already written drafts of the fourth and fifth novellas and most of the sixth. There were holes in character development that needed filling. The crew needed one more story before the events in Episode Four.

But I kept making mistakes in execution. The plot involves a zombie-like threat in a space ark that gets snagged in Pluto’s orbit. I didn’t want to do the usual zombies, though. The Walking Dead does great zombies, and I don’t have anything to add to that type of living dead, flesh-eating monster. I wanted a new type of living dead monster — one that eats energy. Continue reading

An Earths in Space snippet

Enjoy this quick little dialogue exchange from the next Earths in Space, definitely still a work-in-progress:

“Are you having fun filling my ship with toxic fumes?” Gilmore asked.

“Fan’s running,” Amena said. “What do you think so far?”

“It looks like you haphazardly flung your paintbrushes every which way.”

“Good eye. Yep. It’s called abstract expressionism.”

“And what precisely are you expressing?”

“Colors are fun.”


Keep an eye out for Earths in Space vol. 2: We Must Evolve, coming later this year. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the first volume, Where Are the Little Green Men?

Fun with titling

I previously announced my next title as RIP vol. 1: Choices. Today, while printing out free samples for tomorrow’s Hanover Book Festival, I decided the title needs to be RIP vol. 1: Choices After Death.

Two words. One prepositional phrase. And it feels like it makes all the difference.

“Choices” kept feeling too vague and generic to me. It certainly fit a theme of the book, as the earthbound ghosts in RIP are basically in purgatory and it’s up to each individual to decide whether to work toward Heaven or waste away until Hell calls. Plus, Rip himself has to choose to snap out of his funk and to embrace his mission to stop the wicked ghosts from haunting the living.

So I was definitely on the right track by including “choices” somewhere in the title. But it wasn’t enough. It didn’t distinguish the book, didn’t help it stand out. It didn’t spark the imagination in any way. Continue reading

Earths in Space episode 3 deleted scene!

teaser thingPresenting…an Earths in Space deleted scene! This was in the upcoming third novella before I decided to start over with a new approach. It’s deleted for a reason. This isn’t wonderful — too much straight exposition, for example — but it’s a chance to meet the characters, and it’s a little teaser for what the plot will entail:


The octahedron was lying on one of its faces, while the artificial gravity within hummed along to keep everything in its proper place. Gilmore knelt on top of the hull, tightening the last few screws of his masterful propulsion work and shoving the units back into their casings.

He had worked in peace and quiet for most of the time, but now people were present. He liked some of them. Continue reading

Amena’s Imagination, #9

(To start at the beginning, please click here.)

Right now, anything is possible. No, that’s not quite right. Anything feels possible because I don’t know the answer. I don’t know what type of life is out there. I don’t know for a fact that there is life out there.

Sure would be depressing for it all to be empty. Well, it’s not empty. Lots of stars, anyway. But if there aren’t any souls in all that space…if there’s just stuff — unthinking, soulless, stuff…

That’s a lonely thought. But what are the odds that in all that space, life only evolved here? I really don’t know how to even begin calculating those odds, but if feels like something else should be taking up space somewhere in some galaxy…What a waste of space if we’re alone…

The universe doesn’t care about my ignorance, though. The aliens sure wouldn’t. There either are aliens or there aren’t aliens, and if there are, they are who they are. They exist, or they do not exist. No amount of speculation will change that.

Maybe we’ll visit a planet of sentient gas, highly evolved insects, brainiac chickens, talking numbers and letters, sentient time blobs, evil twins, or platypuses. Maybe. Maybe it’ll be something else entirely. I’d rather it be something I hadn’t even considered.

C’mon, universe, surprise me! Be amazing!

As of this evening, this minute, this moment, I know one thing. Whatever is out there is already out there. I just haven’t discovered it yet. Or them. Hopefully them.

But tomorrow—yes, tomorrow—I will discover what at least one planet holds. And that’s the epitome of amazingness right there.

Who does Amena meet on her first visit to another world? Find out in Earths in Space vol. 1: Where Are the Little Green Men?