Get to Know…Margaret Taylor

Taylor bookToday’s visitor from the Blogger Book Fair is science-fiction and fantasy author Margaret Taylor. Welcome, Margaret!

Tell us about your two new books.

I have two works out at the moment.

A First Love Never Dies, which is Book 1 of the Spi-Corp Series. This book starts you out here on Earth and then gives you a brief introduction into the “Universe As I See It.” It’s the story of Janel Canton who was bullied horrifically in her younger years, kidnapped from Earth shortly after she graduated from high school and sold on the Alien Flesh Markets of the Jaikalor Consortium. She comes back to Earth just in time for her 20-year reunion with the intention of finding her one true love, Jake Reeves. I won’t say anything else, because it would spoil it.

Wolf’s Paradox, Book 1 of The Layren Series, is the story of Kathy Granite, a writer whose words actually have the ability to affect other worlds. Only she doesn’t know it. She’s guarded, if you will, by her Layren Protector, Ronon Wulfdrak, who’s made sure to bring her people over the last six years who only want their story told. In other words, the people she talks to don’t have an ulterior motive. Continue reading

Get to Know…C.J. Brightley

The King's Sword Final V2 - Goodreads[1]It’s Blogger Book Fair week, and today I’m hosting fantasy author C.J. Brightley. Welcome, C.J.!  

Tell us about your Erdemen Honor series.

The first book, The King’s Sword, was initially intended to be just a simple coming of age story, with Hakan, the prince, realizing that he must take the responsibility of the crown for the good of his country. The little twist I added was to tell the story through the voice of Kemen, the retired soldier who mentors Hakan. As I wrote, Kemen became more than a mentor; he was the true hero of the story, and he was much more interesting than I’d realized at first.

The second book, A Cold Wind, begins just as The King’s Sword ends, and introduces another point of view character, Riona. It’s a more internal book in some ways, but there’s also more grittiness too.

I’m giving away five signed copies of The King’s Sword through Goodreads – the giveaway ends July 31st. It’s free to enter! Continue reading

Get to Know…Pamela Foreman

 pam_author_photo_med copyAuthor Pamela Foreman joins us for this week’s “Get to Know…” and her visit coincides with her Not Again, My Love blog tour. Be sure to read to the end for info on a giveaway she’s running. Welcome, Pamela!

Tell us about your book.

My book, “Not Again, My Love,”  is about David and Annette who have recently married and combined their two families. Unfortunately, their children are college-age and teenagers and with those age groups, the typical relationship issues arise as well as rebellion and hatred. But the family also has an unforeseen problem – one of the children succumbs to cancer, ripping the family to shreds. It’s a rather emotional book in my opinion, and if you’ve read the first book and have become attached to the characters, this will rip your heart out. Continue reading

Get to Know…Evelyn Knightley

headshot EKWe have a poet with us! Meet Evelyn Knightley, author of a poetry and short story anthology. She’s also the co-founder of NAUSICA, an online feminist magazine.

Tell us about your book.

“I Haven’t Lived At All” is a collection of poetry and short stories. Some of the content originates from my early teenage years whilst some was solely created for this; I think that assists the ‘theme’ of the book. For me, IHLAA was somewhat of a selfish project as the idea came to me when I felt like I was at a crossroads in life. I spent a lot of my time dwelling over the past, which is a never a good thing to do, and feeling resentful because I never thought I could achieve what I want to. Continue reading

Get to Know…Jennifer Raygoza

JenRaygozaMeet fantasy writer Jennifer Raygoza, author of The Guardians. Welcome, Jennifer!

Tell us about your book.

This story is told from the point of view of Gianna, a girl who is still mentally struggling with her mother’s death. She and her family have managed to move on all in their own way. She is not your average girl.  She is tough and sassy, and happens to be the daughter of a Mafia boss.

On top of that, she works for her dad doing odd jobs. She is sent out one day to pick up a man named Caleb who turns her world upside down, by throwing Gianna into a world she didn’t know existed. This really is a good vs. evil story. The story is love, pain and sacrifice mixed in with a twisted plot. Continue reading

Get to Know…Wade Garret

IMG_20121021_205528Meet steampunk/ dark fantasy author Wade Garret. Welcome, Wade!

Tell us about your book.

“The true test of Man, is to see if he can stand naked before himself without blinking. The same trial of existence for a God, however, even one created, is if when he blinks, will he change or the world…”

Putting aside the flash—races, technology, action, fantasy, landscapes and so on—the heart of Genesis centers on the challenges and tragedies of unwanted, yet unquestionable power and to some degree, the long and short cost of denying it. Continue reading

Get to Know…Keith Yatsuhashi

Joining us this week is fantasy author and former figure skater Keith Yatsuhashi. Welcome, Keith!

Tell us about your book.

Kojiki is the story of Keiko Yamada, a young woman who tries to fulfill her father’s dying by going to Japan and complete a mysterious task in his place. Unfortunately for Keiko, he doesn’t give much in the way of specifics. Only that ‘her camera will show her the way.’ Once in Tokyo, she comes face to face with ancient Japanese Spirits who are on guard for the return of the most powerful of their kind—an insane Spirit of limitless power. The rest of the story is Keiko’s journey from orphan to finding a new family and a new place in a world on the edge of destruction. In grand anime fashion, I fill the story with gigantic beast-like Guardians, everything from dragons to sea serpents, thunderbirds, bat-like creatures, etc. Essentially I thought, hey! Earth’s myths had to come from somewhere, so I made sure I represented a few choice mythic creatures. I tweaked them for Kojiki, figuring man couldn’t have gotten it right, and worked them into the story. Continue reading

Get to Know…Hugh B. Long

hugh_typewriter_portraitA science fiction and fantasy author joins us this week, and he’s also an accomplished martial artist! So let’s get to know Hugh B. Long. Welcome, Hugh!

Tell us about your latest work.

I’m actually working on a couple of things at the moment. My big project is the second book in my Tribes of Yggdrasil series, called “Fury of the Northmen”. The first book is titled “Dawning of the Wolf Age”. The Tribes of Yggdrasil series takes place 115 years after mankind makes contact with an advanced alien race called the Alfar. The Alfar, and many of the races in the series, are taken straight form Norse Mythology. The premise of the series is that the Norse Gods ‘seeded’ the Earth, and other planets in the Galaxy, including the Alfar. Continue reading

Get to Know…R.A. White

Final Cover RAWThis week, we get to know a newly published author, R.A. White. Welcome, R.A.!

Tell us about your book.

My book is titled Kergulen. It’s a fantasy novel about a slave girl who escapes her master by crossing her country’s border into the Kergulen forest, where she hopes to find refuge. She does eventually find a refuge of sorts, but she’s attacked by various forest guardians, and the people of Kergulen are aggressively racist toward her. It’s more about overcoming fears and life’s oppressions than it is about monsters and dragons, but it has those, too. While it deals with some dark themes, it’s mostly a fun story with plenty to laugh at, and a couple characters that require a love/hate relationship with the reader. Continue reading

Get to Know…Sascha Illyvich

This week, we get to know paranormal romance author Sascha Illyvich. (That would be adult romance. Kids, sit this one out.) Welcome, Sascha!

Tell us about your latest works.

My latest work is actually my paranormal erotic collection “Dark Sensualities and Primal Instincts” out from Sizzler Editions.  The two short stories are gay/lesbian, the two novellas are vamp/wolf.  In Dark Traders, I played “what if the Securities and Exchanges Commission were run by vampires and scamming all the people of the world to make a huge profit?”  Miranda, an employee at the SEC is targeted by Jet, rogue hitman and vampire.  Only, he doesn’t kill her, he converts her.  A year later, she comes after him and vows vengeance on the people who turned her only to find her heart in the man who gave her new life. Continue reading