Free days ahead for Earths in Space: We Must Evolve!

earths-in-space-v2-front-coverGet your Kindles ready. The Earths in Space vol. 2: We Must Evolve e-book will be free on Amazon for the first time ever from April 7 through April 10.

In case you missed it, here’s the back-cover blurb:

Life can evolve. Amena saw the evidence on an ancient Earth. It wasn’t pleasant evidence, and it wasn’t evolution into sentient life, but she saw evidence.

So okay, she accepts that no little green men exist on alien worlds, but maybe one of these other Earths holds evolved humanity.

Evolution faces a powerful obstacle, however — humanity itself.

Volume 2: We Must Evolve begins with the discovery of a mysterious ark full of refugees caught in orbit over Pluto…

Wait, an ark full of refugees…?

Well, that’s one Earth that’s not evolving. But another could be doing better. It’s possible, Amena keeps telling herself…

Continuing the action-packed Earths in Space series, We Must Evolve features a novel-length journey told in four novellas — “The Pluto Factor,” “Worlds to Save,” “The New World,” and “On Hold.”

If you’ve never read the first Earths in Space … well, I’m just sorely disappointed in you. But being the forgiving soul that I am, I’ve structured the sequel so it can stand on its own even as it builds upon previous events.

So, starting bright and early April 7, indulge in some free reading, why don’t you?

Have fun.

Celebrate Halloween with Rip, Serissa, and assorted ghosts…for free

RIP-V1-final.jpgBoo! RIP vol. 1: Choices After Death is having its first-ever free promotion Oct. 25 through Oct. 28. Sure, the original novelette was a free standalone ebook for a while, but that’s gone and only this set of four novelettes and a short story remains.

Just in time for Halloween. The perfect time to read about a young guy beating up ghosts.

Also, Earths in Space vol. 2: We Must Evolve will embark on my maiden voyage into the world of Kindle Countdown Deals Oct. 27 to Nov. 3, so keep an eye out for that.

And while I’m giving things away for free or nearly free, I’ll continue working on Terrific. Once I finish that novel, I’ll return to the paranormal world of RIP for two more volumes, circle back around for a third Earths in Space, and…well, that’s as far ahead as I can think right now.

So…have fun reading.

Upcoming appearances!

HBF 2014Yes, I shall appear. Twice!

First up, I’ll have a table at the 2014 Hanover Book Festival on Saturday, Aug. 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. That’s Hanover County, Virginia — more specifically, Mechanicsville — so if you’re in the area, come stop by, say hello, and meet a bunch of other nice authors.

Then on Thursday, Aug. 14, I’ll have a room at the Twin Hickory Library in Glen Allen, Virginia, as part of Henrico Public Library’s Henrico Community Authors Showcase. From 7 p.m. until about 8:30, I’ll be talking about my books, reading an excerpt or two, answering questions, and generally just having a grand time with folks.

It will all be fun. So come have fun with me. You’ve got two options. Unless you live somewhere far away like California. Sorry, Californians.

Veronica Mars lives on…in books

VMars coverI’ve got a new post up at Smash Cut Culture, and it’s all about Veronica Mars‘ transition into a novel series…plus a quick comparison to Buffy‘s transition into comic books.

Check it out, please, along with the other writers’ pop culture commentary on this new site.

(Spoiler: Yes, fans should read this book. I’ll be sure to pick up the next installment.)

In other news, Smashwords has a sale going on this month. Lots of e-books are 25 percent to 100 percent off (yes — free e-books!) with coupon codes. Both RIP: Choices After Death and Earths in Space: Where Are the Little Green Men? can be yours at half the cost with promo code SSW50 at Smashwords only.

Probably a good day to check out Smashwords. And a good day to look at Smash Cut Culture.

Anything with “smash,” I guess. Oh, just go and pick up an Incredible Hulk comic while you’re at it.

Win a signed paperback of RIP!

I turn 31 this month. Know what that means?RIP-V1-final.jpg

Time to give away one free paperback copy of RIP: Choices After Death! (What? Not 31 copies? Sticking to the ones place is much more affordable, thank you.) My birthday, but you get the gift. Ain’t I swell?

I’ll even autograph it, and believe me, my signature is worth precisely the ink it takes to write it. (Anyone know what ink is worth???)

This is the first time I’ve ever done this. Sure, I’ve given away several e-books, but that’s as easy as sending an email. For this, I will take a special trip to my friendly neighborhood Post Office and place the specially autographed paperback in the care of a United States Postal Service employee, who will then initiate a process that sends this intrepid paperback on an epic cross-country journey.

The book, however, will stick to the continental U.S. It’s not that intrepid, and I am that cheap.

Now if only we could find some impartial arbiter to select a winner…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That should do it. Enter by “liking” me on Facebook or adding RIP to your Goodreads shelf.

And when it comes to Rafflecopter links, remember…Sharing is caring.

It’s almost not really cold outside

Temperatures are warming up, aside from the occasional relapse, so it’s time for my “It’s really darn cold outside” sale to come to a close.

This weekend is your last chance to download the Earths in Space e-book for a mere 99 cents. Monday, it’ll be back up to its usual $1.99.

Just think of all the amazing parts of things you could buy with that dollar. You could get Earths in Space and still treat yourself to one-third of a latte!

Smashword’s “Read an Ebook Week”

Lots of ebooks are on sale at Smashwords this week.

The e-book distributor is celebrating “Read an Ebook Week,” and many authors have enabled coupons for 25%, 50%, 75%, and even 100% off. The full list of participating titles is available here.

All my ebooks are in the catalogue. Enter coupon code REW50 to get RIP: Choices After Death at 50 percent off. RIP: Touch is already permanently free. Earths in Space: Where Are the Little Green Men? is temporarily free with coupon code RW100.

Yes, a free Earths in Space. The book is not enrolled in Kindle Select, so this is your chance to download it at no cost.

And don’t forget, the new digital magazine Beyond Imagination is also available for free at Smashwords and other sites.

Presenting the “it’s really darn cold out” sale

It’s freezing, but there’s one force in the known universe that will warm your mind.

Imagination! Imaginary warmth is hot stuff. Where do you find imagination? Why, in a book, of course!

So, to help take your mind off the cold, I’m putting the Earths in Space e-book on sale for 99 cents (down from $1.99).

And remember, the RIP: Touch e-book is permanently free at Smashwords.

Both Earths in Space: Where Are the Little Green Men? and RIP: Choices After Death are enrolled in the Kindle Matchbook program, by the way. This means if you purchase the paperback edition through Amazon, you can get the Kindle version at no extra charge.

Now get in from the cold and spark the fire of your…imagination!

(It’s fun being cheesy, isn’t it? I don’t know what that cheetah thought was so hard.)

New chance for RIP: Touch — for FREE

RIP-1-Touch.jpgSilly me, I just realized Smashwords lets you price e-books as permanently free.

So, I thought that would be a good opportunity for RIP: Touch. I took it down from Amazon to avoid confusion with the larger work, RIP: Choices After Death, which begins with “Touch.” No sense charging people a buck for part of a book.

Then I figured, hey, why not let anyone and everyone read “Touch” for free whenever they like? This way, you’ll have a good idea whether or not Choices After Death is for you.

I’m betting it is. So go on over to Smashwords, please, and give RIP‘s first episode a try — and pay nothing.

Everything is more wonderful when it’s free, isn’t it?

New Year’s Resolution Editing Discount

How’s this for a New Year’s resolution?

Get your book edited.

Here, I’ll help you out. I’ll knock 10 percent off my usual editing rate. You just need to contact me by this Saturday.

In any case, I’ll always edit the first five pages for free so you can determine if I’m the right fit for you.