Let us look now…to the future!

I made a bunch of progress today on my next book, the one that will come out after Earths in Space vol. 2.

What is it? Well, we have to keep some of the mystery alive, now don’t we?

But here’s one little tidbit: It’s a concept and characters I’ve written first as stage plays, then years later as a television pilot script, and recently as comic book scripts. Now all that work spanning eleven years and multiple media comes together in a novel.

And then after this unannounced project…more RIP! I shan’t neglect the ghost fights for too much longer.

I completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It was only a matter of time…

Imaginary bonus points if you catch the Doctor Who reference.

I would write a check to the ALS Association, too, but…writer.

Instead, whatever I make off my books this weekend, I’ll donate that to the ALS Association. So order or download Earths in Space or RIP this weekend, Aug. 23 and 24, and your purchase will be extra-meaningful.

I now pass the challenge on to a few friends of mine — one author, one musician, and one actress: Dana Cornell, author of My Mother’s Ring; Samson Trinh, founder of Uke ‘n’ Roll, and actress/singer/entertainer Holland Gedney. Have fun, ladies and gentleman.

Exercise with martial arts

We all need exercise. It’s easy to get sucked in to many hours at the computer, making it all the more important to prioritize getting out there and being active.

My preferred workout is martial arts training. Here’s a nice little video/commercial that mentions several benefits of such a program:

Come to the Hanover Book Festival

HBF 2013 postcard sq


If you’re in or around Central Virginia Saturday, please stop by and meet a whole bunch of authors. Maybe even buy their books. Since my books are only digital, I won’t be handling any money, but I will have free samples and cards to hand out. Come say hello!

Sorry to those of who you aren’t in Virginia. I’ll make sure my next post is less geographically specific.

Sign up for the Blogger Book Fair!

(The following is contributed content from the organizers of the Blogger Book Fair. I’ll be participating. Will you?)

Check in to the Blogger Book Fair,
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July 22-26, 2013

Authors and Book Bloggers,

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