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Today’s Super Comic — Princess Leia #1 (2015)

Princess Leia 1I’m about to spoil something from the original Star Wars movie, so if you’re one of the five people who have never seen it…well, I suppose at this point you’re probably committed to never seeing it, so congratulations on your nonconformity.

Anyway, Princess Leia witnessed the obliteration of her entire home planet. (This was back in the day when children’s movies featured genocide, apparently.) Most everyone she ever knew, including her adoptive parents, died. And yet the movie ends with smiles.

So how does Princess Leia grieve? Does she grieve? The answer can be found in the Princess Leia miniseries Marvel Comics published last year. The first issues begins with the movie’s final scene, and it acknowledges that we never really see Leia mourn her tremendous loss. The movie shows her comforting Luke after Obi-wan died, but again…whole planet.

The miniseries gives us a Leia who prefers to take action rather than “collapse in grief, as everyone seems to wish[.]” So with a new ally and in defiance of expectations, she sets out “to find, gather and protect every last surviving son and daughter of Alderaan,” as she puts it.

It’s a great premise for a Princess Leia comic, one successfully executed by the creative team, making for a nice supplement to the original trilogy.

Writer: Mark Waid

Penciler: Terry Dodson

Inker: Rachel Dodson

Publisher: Marvel Comics

How to Read It: back issues; Marvel Unlimited; Comixology; Star Wars: Princess Leia (TPB)

Appropriate For: ages 10 and up