Get to Know…Sascha Illyvich

This week, we get to know paranormal romance author Sascha Illyvich. (That would be adult romance. Kids, sit this one out.) Welcome, Sascha!

Tell us about your latest works.

My latest work is actually my paranormal erotic collection “Dark Sensualities and Primal Instincts” out from Sizzler Editions.  The two short stories are gay/lesbian, the two novellas are vamp/wolf.  In Dark Traders, I played “what if the Securities and Exchanges Commission were run by vampires and scamming all the people of the world to make a huge profit?”  Miranda, an employee at the SEC is targeted by Jet, rogue hitman and vampire.  Only, he doesn’t kill her, he converts her.  A year later, she comes after him and vows vengeance on the people who turned her only to find her heart in the man who gave her new life.

In Wolf Magic, Marco the young pup is sent to America to stay with Selene, former pack witch of the Opeth pack in order for him to grow up.  Yet, a threat on his life by one of the pack’s more crazy wolves puts his life and Selene’s in danger. 

Where did the ideas come from?darksens_sascha_2

Wolf Magic came about from watching and putting a different spin on the anime series Wolf’s Rain.  Dark Traders was actually dedicated to my significant other and is the first full vampire novella I ever wrote and published.  I’d always played the what if game as I come up with stories and plots.

When and where can we expect to see them published?

They’re out now!

What are the books’ opening lines?

I’m going to give you the opening lines from “Endangered” which I’ll discuss below.  It’s more engrossing, I promise 😉

Wind carried the scent of blood and fear toward her nose.  Leaves brushed against each other from nearby trees and tall grasses on the plains stirred as well.

Standing on the patio of her home in a tiny villa just outside Budapest, Livía contemplated the previous evening’s events.  A breeze blew her hair past her shoulders, loose strands brushing her pale skin.  The crushed velvet of her dress swirled around her frame, whipping gently against her legs.  Tracking the hunter and leading him away from Isabella had been a chore, he was cunning and patient.

What do you most enjoy about writing?

I think the fact that I get to let the demons out and play on paper, create stories where I pretty much play god is one of the most enjoyable aspects of writing.  People think they want to be a deity but when you look at the work going in, it can be both rewarding or tiring.  Luckily, as a romance author, it’s both tiring and rewarding.

Please share a writing tip you’ve found helpful.

Two words:  Thick.  Skin.

What draws you to the romance genre?

The HEA despite the struggles.  Life is hard, harder if you’re struggling, harder still if you’re trying to be the biggest, baddest, best at whatever you’re doing.  It’s filled with strife and hardship, it’s full of no guarantees.  The romance genre gives you all of that, plus the guarantee of the HEA.  I think we need that as people.

How does writing paranormal romance compare to writing more “real world” romance?

I get the option of playing with deeper, harder angst.  Funny you should mention that, as one of my agents is wanting me to write a contemporary novella by mid Summer and I’m not allowed to put any para-rom in it at all.  She wants me to stretch so, we’re going to do this and rock this like a boss!

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

So many to choose from!  Right now I can say JR Ward’s got a spot in my book shelf.

Who is your favorite fictional character? (Any medium)

I’d have to say Michael Westen right now.  Or Batman.  They’re both the same as far as resourcefulness but with Westen (From Burn Notice) he continues to hold his inner demons at bay while trying to save the world and the ones he loves.  All he’d have to do is relax and let them love him, and his world would be improved.  I identify with that strongly.  And Batman, “where did you get those toys?”

If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?

Tough question.  I already am a seductive, suave and debonair man (those are superpowers in this modern world where men aren’t always gentlemen anymore) but perhaps shooting fire from my hand.  Yeah, that one.  As to why?  One word:  KamehamehAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s next for you?

Red Sage just signed Endangered, the first novel in my Nights of Lust series so we’re pimping that like a beast.  The short version of this story is:  Seeking to rescue her lover’s child from the biggest criminal organization in San Francisco, Livía finds not only a solution, but redemption in a man known as Joséf Staganov.  Yet he holds a deadly secret and an intense death wish unless she can convince him a vampire’s compelling love can heal his heart. 

Where can people learn more about your work? is the blog and main site for now.  I own my name but the site needs some work.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

For a man who wears black and deep, dark colors almost all the time, I don’t look half bad in Spring color lingerie.  Those who were at the wedding I recently attended can attest to that!

Thank you, Sascha!