Today’s Super Comic — Spider-Man #3 (2016)

spider-man-3When is a team-up not a team-up? When the title character is grounded!

The superheroics take a break, but the fun continues in #3 as the new Ms. Marvel visits the new Spider-Man. These two are easily Marvel’s best teen superheroes at the moment, so pairing them up—even for just some banter and visual gags—is a delight.

This series started strong, and each issue keeps getting better…and the ominous shenanigans later in the book bode well for subsequent issues. Maybe not so well for Miles, though.

It’s a teen book done right.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Sara Pichelli

Publisher: Marvel Comics

How to Read It: recent back issues; Marvel Unlimited; Comixology; included in Spider-Man: Miles Morales vol. 1

Appropriate For: ages 10 and up