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I’ve been keeping busy over at my Substack, And the Quest for Pop Culture. Thank you to everyone who’s already subscribed, and I also appreciate everyone who just visits from time to time.

For those who are just tuning in, please follow the links below to sample what I’ve been up to!

My own writing:

An original short comic

A spoof on a Samuel Beckett’s short plays

The beginning of The Flying Woman

The beginning of The Silver Stranger

About writing:

My philosophy on avoiding preachy writing

Why alcohol and writing didn’t mix well for me

Admiring the stellar writing of Fraggle Rock

The importance of a relatable hook

Constructive criticism:

Where Doctor Who went wrong in recent years

The lack of breathing room in the new Ant-Man

Why the She-Hulk Disney+ series didn’t work for me


Why Superman is such a great character

Why Wonder Woman is the best recent DC movie

Ranking some great Marvel Comics

Admiring the stellar work of Ray Bradbury

And there’s more! Browse the archives and see what piques your interest. And if you like what you find, please subscribe! I’ll have a new post every Friday.

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